March 31st, 2012


Rigged Much?

As I predicted, two of the three winning tickets for the Mega Millions were sold in NORTHERN states, as most winning tickets in the two major national lotteries seem to always be. GOTTA be some "rigging" going on somewhere!

Leg pain...

That random shooting pain that occurs from time to time in the upper inner thigh of my left leg is back with a vengence, after I almost tripped yesterday afternoon and had to suddenly right myself to keep from falling down. Been having problems with that leg off and on for over three years now. Only flares up every couple months or so.

I've told the doctor about it more than once on my twice yearly blood pressure checkups, but all she says is I probably need more exercise. I seriously doubt that is the issue. Sometimes when it happens, it's when I wake up in the morning. Once weight is put on it, the pain will shoot, and I nearly fall down. Have to walk carefully when the pain is there, otherwise the leg will weaken.

The leg was a bit worse this morning than it was yesterday, after the twist from the near tripping. Took about 10 minutes for me wo walk to the mailbox and back. Usually gets better after resting it a day or so, then no more issues until I step wrong, or wake up with it hurting randomly.

/rant over
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