March 22nd, 2012


Thursday Updates

Not much exciting going on today...

Applied for work again at "Dollar General", "Brookshire's" and "Super 1" groceries. Out of NEW local places to apply at, so have to re-apply at places I've already applied at a few times.

Re-upped my domain this morning after I noticed it was about to expire in about a week and a half.

Mom has went shopping. She's keepin' us fed with good "home-cooked" meals a few days a week. Nice change of pace from the pre-cooked stuff I usually buy.

Rain has moved out of the area (thank goodness!). Now, if it would just stay dry a couple of weeks, the yard MIGHT dry up enough for me to mow!

The cats have finally stopped hissing at each other. Not exactly "friends" yet, but they are tolerating each other, which is good.

Sinuses are driving me up the wall again, like they do EVERY year at this time. Just took some Coricidin... probably get sleepy early again as a result.

Listening to the "No Agenda" podcast, will follow by watching the "Windows Weekly" podcast on the online "TWiT Network" in about an hour.

TV will be a "dead zone" later today, so I'll probably try to kill some more pigs by slinging birds at them again...
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