March 13th, 2012

fawlty car abuse

No phone...

Well, we had that big rain, and now the telephone isn't working YET AGAIN!! No dial tone, crackling in the line, can't call out, assume no one can call in! Can no longer do like I used to, go next door to moms to use her phone to call AT&T, since she's living here now, and had her service next door shut off.

Looked at the phone bill, saw I could go to to report problems, so I did. HOPEFULLY, someone will get the message! Always find it weird that sometimes when the phone is dead, the internet still works fine.

The display on my phone is alternating between reading "Line in Use" and "No Line"... Hope I don't miss out on any job calls because of this!

harris, biden

AT&T Twits...

Currently talking to an AT&T representative over Twitter, trying to get my phone line working again. Been out ALL MORNING... can't make OR receive any calls. If a sudden emergency came up, I'd be screwed!

The AT&T person contacted me first on Twitter, after I posted "@ATT sucks donkey balls!" there.