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March 12th, 2012



Since we got mom moved in, no ones routines have changed much. I'm spending just as much time on the computer, Andrew is spending just as much time gaming, and mom is spending just as much time as she used to reading or working puzzle books...

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toilet paper cat

Mom's headrest

When mom moved in, not only did she bring her chair, she also brought her fuzzy headrest...

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Judging from the webcam, looks like a full, orange moon out tonight!

Oh... wait a darned cotton pickin' minute! That's the "Living Room Cam"! What is this...I don't even...?!?

More Early ME...

Here I am playing in the livingroom in 1966...

...and here's me, mom, and dad, posing with Frankenstein's monster on my only trip to California, in the same year...