March 1st, 2012


Picture Heavy Follow-up to Yesterdays Monkees Post...

Yesterday, I posted a picture I took with my cheap 110 film format Kodak Instamatic camera at the Monkees October 26,1986 Reunion Tour concert stop in Ruston, Louisiana at Louisiana Tech University, and mentioned the rest of the pictures I took wouldn't be worth scanning and posting because they were too far away from the stage and rather dark.

Well, I got to thinking... MAYBE I could do at least a LITTLE with them in Paint Shop Pro! Sooo... here is my lame results after a couple hours of work...

Collapse )


Just tried letting Eastwood and moms cat meet again for the first time since Eastwood was a kitten, by opening the door to her bedroom just wide enough so they could see each other. Moms cat, Booger, seemed calm, but Eastwood hissed loudly, made a growling noise, and booked it down the hallway!


Wouldn't ya just know it! Temperature got up to 86F today. I kept lowering the thermostat to try to cool the house. Thermostat was reading 80F even with it set down to 60F. A few minutes ago, I get the flashlight, go outside to the main unit. Fan wasn't turning. No WONDER the house wasn't getting cool! And two days after we get mom moved in!

Mom said she'll call the air repair folks in the morning. Hopefully they'll have time to come out!

UPDATE(03/02/12): The air repair people will be out sometime after noon today. Glad, because it's supposed to hit 80F!