February 6th, 2012


Not Fair! ;-)

Why is it that my mother(on the left) gets her picture taken a few years ago on a visit to Branson, Missouri with my late Aunt Traudl, with the semi-celeb Yakov Smirnoff... yet ALL I can muster up for myself is an autographed photo and "Match Game" card by Dick DeBartolo, and an autographed CD from Marcia Ball... without actually meeting them?!?


Wow, how time flies!

Looking at this archived picture, I'm amazed how much Eastwood, my cat, has balloned out in the past eight years!

Then again, I've gotten WAY fatter since then myself! So, can't blame him... weight gain seems to go with living on this property!
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Mic Test...

Lisa Kenzell and Leo Laporte testing mics for the TWiT Network show "Game On", hosted by Veronica Belmont and Brian Brushwood...

Leo was "different" than usual that evening...