February 2nd, 2012


Avoid TP-Link modems...

Ever since I switched to the local DSL provider after AT&T announced monthly data caps, I was getting MAJOR lag in IRC chats from time to time, sometimes up to 10 minutes, and loading a page while watching streaming video would cause the video to buffer, even on the videos lowest setting. Never experienced that with AT&T.

Only REAL difference was the modems. AT&T issued a Motorola Netopia modem, the local ISP a brand I had never previously heard of, TP-Link. After dropping AT&T DSL, they never asked for their modem back. Reset it to factory default, put in settings for the local ISP, no more lag or buffering video when loading pages, even though both modems were hooked to my Netgear router.

Made a trip today, bought a Motorola DSL modem/router combo unit. Set it up to work with the local ISP. Still no lag. Returning the craptastic TP-Link to the ISP soon, will save $5/month lease fee! Didn't want to rely on the 5 year old AT&T supplied modem, it could fail any time given the age of the thing!

Local ISP techs kept chalking the lag up to amount of bandwidth consumed at any given time, although usage was the same under AT&T. Took ME to finally conclude that it was the crappy TP-Link modems. Unless they test it themeslves, they'll NEVER believe me however, since I have no "real" tech training!