January 28th, 2012


What a tangled "web"...

Well, yesterday, drove to my ISPs office and switched out my modem. Got it home, same thing, internet dipping "in and out". Called them back. They said they would run some tests on my line from the office and call me back in an hour or so. During that time, the internet and DSL sync COMPLETELY died.

When my ISP called back, they said everything on their end was fine, but their servers were showing my modem logging in and out on average 15 times an hour. They said they would send a couple of people out to the house. When they arrived, they hooked some kind of handheld box up to the phone juncture outside the house. No sync at all.

The guy from my ISP then immediately calls AT&T, and tells them the issue, since third party ISPs aren't authorized to do work on AT&T's lines. AT&T tells him they will get someone out to look at the lines tomorrow by closing hours. AT&T guy shows up this morning around 10am, after first stopping at the DSLAM up the road to check the DSL card. He said the card was fine, so he went digging in the juncture box on the side of the house. Finally, he replaced part of the "innards" of the box, and so far (keeping my fingers crossed), the internet is back to normal again.

Andrew went to bed earlier than usual last night since the internet was down, he couldn't game or chat with friends.
fawlty car abuse

Case files...

My son comes into the room, grabs another jewel box CD case from the box of 50 I bought at Best Buy about three years ago. When I bought that package of cases, I bought a 100 count spool of blank CDs, with the intention of transferring more of my old vinyl to CD. Last I transferred was Cameo's "Alligator Woman" LP a couple of years ago. The process is rather time consuming, with audio cleanup, track splitting, etc. That last project, for a 45 minute LP, took most of an afternoon. I've used 10 of those cases in the package at most. There are now FOUR left. The son has 12 he can account for in his room. Either the missing ones are under his bed, where MOST "missing" things have been found, or he's "accidentally" tossed them!

I told him, IF I buy another package of CD jewel cases, I'm HIDING them from him, he's not touching them!