December 5th, 2011



Typing this between internet outages. Called an electrician about the power outlet problems, he is going to try and come out today.

Bad thing, he said he'd call first, and currently, both my phone, and moms phone next door are FUBAR this morning. Apparently some issue with AT&T's crappy lines. No dial tone, crackling noise, and every few minutes, my phone handset display reads "Line In Use", even though no one is on the line!

Whatever it is, it's causing the DSL to be flaky as hell also. Thinking with the rain the last two days, must be water in the line somewhere.

Can't call AT&T about the problem since the phone don't work!!!


Electricians just left. Bad outlet on fridge and freezer. Loose splice in the attic and a bad breaker on the other two dead wall outlets. Final cost to fix everything, including them having to go outside, remove the louver, climb into the attic, and trace the wiring, $160. Considerably less than I thought it was going to be.

Phone and internet appear to be working again, since the rain stopped. Fairly certain water is getting into the phone lines SOMEWHERE!