November 25th, 2011


Getting out today anyway...

After the mail runs this morning, against my better judgement, I'll be heading into town today. Hopefully the three places I'm going to won't be TOO crowded.

1. Big Lots: I've read on some of my favorite online DVD forums that some $6 TV DVD season sets are showing up again at various stores throughout the country. Going to see if ours is one of them. They said more seasons of "Hawaii Five-0" are appearing (I only have seasons 3 and 5 from last time), as well as season 2 of "Andy Griffith Show"(I have season 1), season 1 of "Bosom Buddies"(only have season 2), and season 3 of "The Beverly Hillibillies" (only have 1 & 2).

2. PetsMart: Got an email the other day with a copy of a circular in it, noticed canned "Fancy Feast" cat food would be 45¢/can today only, using the "Petperks" shoppers card. Cheapest I normally see it when not on sale is 55¢. Since I have the card, figured it'd be the ideal time to stock Eastwood up for a while.

3. Lowe's: Ever since I put the outdoor antenna up for mom, KNOE-8's signal has been completely dropping out regularly. Gotten to the point she never even TRYS to watch that channel now. All the other locals are fine. Her setup is basically identical to mine, but KNOE will just occassionally "pixelate", never completely drop out. Only difference is my arial is higher than hers, so need to go to Lowe's to get a couple more mast extensions, and try that.
Drunken bears

Update to earlier post...

Went to "Big Lots", only found two TV season DVDs I was after, "Hawaii Five-0 Season 4", and "Bosom Buddies Season One", both $6 each. Did however find a couple of good movies on DVD for $1.88 each... "National Lampoon's Class Reunion"(1982) and "The Great Escape"(2-disc collectors edition). That TV-On-DVD section was pretty well picked clean. Guess I got somewhat lucky, since only one copy of both the TV sets I mentioned was left!

Lowe's was freggin' OUT of those 5' TV antenna masts, they said they might have some more in by Thursday... so much for getting moms antenna optimized for KNOE 8 until then!

Bought 60 cans of "Fancy Feast" at PetsMart. If money were no object, would have bought more, since there was no limit at the discounted price! Both moms cat and mine prefer that brand!