November 20th, 2011

Drunken bears

Rare Sunday Rants...

Not a good Sunday in the household...

1. Was watching the "TWiT Network" during the live block earlier today. Things were smooth from 1pm central until 5:45pm central, when, during the "This Week in Tech" episode, the stream started buffering every 30 seconds or so. Knock on my sons bedroom door, ask if he started anything online that was bandwidth heavy. He had "Teamviewer" running, "helping" a friend with a Skype problem. He said the program only was using 20kbps, but I've noticed from experience that the program is a bandwidth hog, and its bandwidth usage readings aren't the most accurate on the planet. Went ahead and logged out of the TWiT chat, turned off the stream, since it was unwatchable. WHEN are we going to get at least some bonded DSL in this area?!?

2. Since "This Week in Tech" online was unwatchable due to the buffering, decided, "Oh well, I usually watch '60 Minutes' on CBS anyway, I'll watch that in a few minutes." WRONG!!! Damn freggin' football game running overtime again! At 6pm, the "clock" on the screen said 4 minutes 8 seconds left. That turned into half a freggin' hour because they kept freggin' stopping the clock every few seconds! My VERY old opinion about sports on a non-sports channel still stands... if your freggin' game ain't over when "regularly scheduled programming" is due to come on... the network should shut the freggin' game OFF and go to said program! If you are a big sports freak, and want the score IMMEDIATELY, go see the game in person, or buy a premium sports package! One of the MANY reasons I dropped Dish was I was having to pay a high price in a package for the ESPN channels I NEVER watched, just to get the few channels that aired the few shows I liked to watch!

3. About "60 Minutes", once it DID start... if I EVER see Grover Norquist face to face, he's gonna look funny with my fist stuck up his nose... he's helping turn this country into a "third world" one. Obvious his organization is taking money from big corporations and rich people like those asshole Koch brothers! Even as broke as I am at the moment, I'd be willing to pay just a few extra dollars in taxes (if it was implemented) to try and help get this country out of the drain it is swirling into!

4. The documentaries on PBS are either getting lame OR lazy... take your pick. Watched the finale of "America in Primetime"... once again, they spent MOST of the hour on modern TV series, very LITTLE time on the classics! PBS won't be getting donations from me in the near future if they keep THAT up!