November 18th, 2011


Spam Galore

Well, THIS was random! I rarely see spam in my paid Yahoo email account, yet this morning, I found 20... count 'em TWENTY... spams in my inbox! All were basically formatted the same, two links, one on top of another, advertising everything from credit scores to wonder bras!

Since they all looked similar, I assume they came from the same group of spammers, just they found a way to sneak past Yahoo's spam filter. All arrived apparently between 9pm last night, and 5am this morning. I checked 'em off, marked them as "Spam", and deleted them.
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Homey Don't Play That...

A few minutes ago, while I was watching my "An American Werewolf In London" Blu-ray again, the phone rang. Caller-ID said "Ouachita Parish", so I answer.

It was a recorded message from someone named Webber from the parish school board, inviting me to something involving "Community Prayer". Right after those two words, I hung up the phone.

Apparently, they didn't realize who the FUCK they were trying to invite to such nonsense!