September 27th, 2011

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First time for everything I guess...

A DVD set I pre-ordered from Amazon about two months ago apparently WON'T be arriving today, the release date, even though the "Estimated Arrival" is still listed as today. Just checked the UPS tracking info, it was "arrival scanned" in Mesquite, Texas at 2:39pm this afternoon... so there is NO WAY it'll get here today!

First time I've pre-ordered something from them that was supposed to arrive on the release date, and it won't, even though I paid the 2-day shipping. Wonder if they would knock off some shipping if I complained?

Frigidaire and Best Buy

Mom bought a new stove from Best Buy in April 2009. This morning, the oven wouldn't get hot. She tried calling Best Buy, they said there were 4 calls ahead of her. She was on hold for 45 minutes, until she hung up without talking to anyone.

Since the stove is out of warranty, I told her she might be better off just looking in the yellow pages in the phone book and calling a local appliance repair place, because they'd probably be cheaper on a repair than Best Buy anyway.

She took my advice, settled on "A-1 Appliance Repair" here in town. The repair guy will be out Thursday between 1-3pm. Since mom has a doctor appointment tomorrow, that will work out fine.

This DOES beg the question however... WTF happened to Frigidaire?!? They USED to be a good company. But when a stove has a defect within a less than three year time span, something is seriously wrong! It's as bad as the Yamaha surround receiver I had recently that died three months after the 2-year warranty was over. Bought a Denon, it's been fine so far.