August 13th, 2011



Had a huge thunderstorm pass through last night... needed the rain! Large flash of light and thunder loud enough to shake the house around 4:44am... caught by the front window webcam...


Approaching that time again...

Going Monday morning to get my drivers license renewed. Last time, renewed it by mail, but every "other time", you HAVE to go to the bureau to renew. Good thing I guess, I have a LOT more gray hair than I did 8 years ago, and have gained more weight! Need more than a sticker to put on the back of the card!

Just hope I pass their eye exam. Lately, have been having to hold print further from my eyes to read it. Things further away look fine. Close up is blurry. Made an appointment at the local university based hospitals eye clinic months ago, but they keep rescheduling for a later date.