August 6th, 2011


He's worried because of THIS??

Andrew had been in his room playing videogames earlier this evening, when he took a break and walked into the living room, where I was watching a DVD of "Waikiki Wedding" starring Bing Crosby. He watched a short time during a musical number, looked at me, said "Sometimes I worry about you!", and left the room.

It's VERY rare I watch an older film that he would be interested in. The movie I was watching was black and white. If it had been color, he might have given it a shot, like he did with "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" the other week. He actually watched THAT one all the way through and enjoyed it!
Drunken bears


Granted, I don't take many photos. Yet, I've been feeling for some time now my year 2000 vintage Kodak DX-3500 2.1MP camera was severely outdated, especially since the 32MB Compact Flash I had for extra storage does good to hold 20 decent pictures.

This evening, discovering I'd paid my card down enough, decided to finally order a new camera. Amazon(via Woot!) had a good deal on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1 12.1 MP camera with 4x optical zoom in a one day deal for $69.99, and free shipping. List price was $119.98. Think the camera might be an older model, since it uses standard size SD cards for storage, instead of MicroSD, but it is WAY more advanced than the ol' Kodak, which I should have retired ages ago! Also ordered an 8GB SanDisk SDHC card to go with it, since the built in memory on the camera is only 20MB.

I've always been a "point and shoot" type person, so think this camera will do fine to replace the Kodak(it had NO optical zoom). Leo Laporte, a tech journalist, likes the higher end Lumix cameras, but I don't need anything "fancy" for the pictures I'll be taking. I think it's a good deal, went ahead and ordered it... just seeing what others might think of the purchase. Overall, customer reviews on Amazon were positive.

P.S. Back when I purchased the Kodak DX-3500 2.1MP in the year 2000, paid $399.99 for it at Office Depot... decent camera, but damned EXPENSIVE compared to what you can get nowdays!