August 1st, 2011


Pinheads at AT&T

Just got off the phone with AT&T after getting an "order confirmation" in the mail for a service from them that I didn't order! They were attempting to bill me for a long distance plan that I'd have no use for. Hell, I haven't even made any kind of long distance call in over 10 years! Almost everyone I know personally lives within my local calling range... everyone else, I keep in contact with online.

After the representative cancelled the long distance stuff, she said, "I see you don't have internet service with us... we have an introductory..." That was where I cut her off, explaining I dropped AT&T DSL in May once they announced their 150GB/month caps, and switched to a local provider who even ADVERTISES they have no caps. She tried to tell me that the caps were "government mandated" and everyone was putting them in. I let her know right off she wasn't fooling me, and I knew that bandwidth caps are just a cash grab from the big telcos and cable companies. Bandwidth is cheaper than ever, and getting cheaper by the day! In other words, I've done my research. The government has nothing to do with the policies of individual companies when it comes to how they distribute bandwidth.

I swear, if the day ever comes that I can eliminate AT&T landline service and keep my DSL from the local DSL provider, I'm going to do it. Unfortunately, the DSL provider requires a land based phone number, and for that, the pinheads at AT&T are the only game in town.

Monopolistic bastards!