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July 8th, 2011



Woke up this morning feeling stiff and achy all over... hope I'm not coming down with something... :-(
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drink coffee

Daily "Social" routine

Chris Pirillo asked on "Twitter" earlier, "Which did you check first this morning: Twitter or Email?" My answer, in order of what I currently check daily:

1. Email
2. LiveJournal
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. TotalFark.com
6. Google+

Just posted on local newspaper forums...

This evening, while watching "Dateline NBC" on the local affilliate I got annoyed once again by the change in screen ratio when a weather warning popped up...so posted this on thenewsstar.com 's forum...

"KTVE has the best local news, but WHEN are they going to update their studio equipment to the 21st century? Local programming is still obviously standard def, audio on their newscasts sounds like they are in an echo chamber, and if they put up a "weather warning" on the screen during an NBC primetime program, the screen changes from widescreen HD to standard def 4:3... then an audible "pop" through the speakers when it switches back to high-def!"

The local CBS affilliate has HD mastered, but has a sucky local newscast now (they were better before they sold to another company), seems THEY only have "trainees" doing their broadcasts now, except for John Denison.