July 4th, 2011


Unusual Movie Combo

Tonight, after Leo Laporte's "This Week in Tech" was over, I switched over to Dish and watched three movies in a row. Coincidentally, the second movie, on a different channel than the first, started right after the first movie was over, at 8:50pm central.

First was the original "King Kong" on Turner Classic Movies. It's a movie I NEVER tire of watching. Heck, even BOUGHT the movie three times... first on VHS in the 80's, then DVD in the early 2000's,finally on Blu-ray about two years ago. In HD, there are a couple of scenes you can TELL Fay Wray wasn't wearing a bra...

Second was a movie I don't think I've seen since the late 1980's, Burt Reynolds in "Stroker Ace". Saw it originally in the theater in 1983, then later I think a couple of times on HBO, but not much after that. Been so long since I'd seen it, I forgot Jim Nabors, Ned Beatty, and Loni Anderson were in the film! It's a better movie IMO than most critics would leave one to believe.

Lastly, on the same channel that "Stroker Ace" was on, it was followed by Cheech & Chong's "Nice Dreams". I have the DVD, but first time I saw it in HD. Some parts were a bit "unpleasant" in HD, like the scene with Cheech hanging from outside elevator at the hotel.
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