June 24th, 2011


Friday Five

1. Got sleepy early yet again last night. Went to bed at 8:00pm, right after "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" was over. Slept good most of the night, but woke up a couple of times dripping sweat for some reason, even though the air was on, AND I had a box fan aimed at me.

2. Since I did all that sweating last night, washing my bed linens this morning.

3. Food stuffs are getting low again. After the mail runs, I'm probably going to run to "Brookshire's" to re-stock the house. Also need to get more of those "El Charrito Mexican Dinners". For the first time since he's been living here, Andrew tried one, and he likes them. Glad they are fairly cheap!

4. Currently on my third cup of coffee, filling out a few online job applications.

5. Unless a job does call me, I'll probably be loafing off the rest of the day, watching the live podcast of "This Week in Law" at 1:00pm central, catching up on DVD/Blu-ray viewing, and catching "Real Time with Bill Maher" at 9:00pm central, IF I'm still awake at that time.

Three Visits... One Store...One DAY!

Ever since my knock-off from Wal-Mart, I've been doing my grocery shopping at Brookshire's. Mom has been helping out by taking my son to Wal-Mart to buy what HE wants (even though they screwed me over, she still seems to want to "support" that company for some reason...her "illusion" that they are tremendously cheaper I guess). Son was running low on food he liked here, so mom was going to take him to Evil-Mart. I left for Brookshire's today at the same time (will NEVER set foot in Fart-Mart again after what they did to me).

After returning home from Brookshire's, noticed moms car parked in its usual place (in case anyone has forgotten, she lives next door). Turns out they never made it to Fail-Mart, let's just say, "something unavoidable" came up (nothing endangering).

Thus, my second trip to Brookshire's, so the boy could get the stuff he wanted to eat. Turns out he bought more at Brookshire's than he ever has during a trip to AntiUSA-Mart, because he said he found a lot of stuff at Brookshire's he could never find at the other place! We got the same cashier as the first time I was there today.

We get home, I'm helping Andrew bring in his bags from the truck, I suddenly remember, after stepping into the kitchen, that mom wanted me to pick up a dozen eggs and a rotisserie chicken for her! Remembered it shortly after entering the store the second time, but it completely slipped my mind before we left!

Thus, my THIRD trip to the store, for the eggs and chicken! While there, after I had checked out the products, another cashier who I've seen several other times there, was walking by, returning to her register. She asked me, "Weren't you just in here yesterday?". I replied, "No, I was in here twice before TODAY though!". Then I explained to her everything above. An assistant manager was standing nearby, overheard the conversation, grinned, and said, "We are open till 10pm."... I replied, "Well, at the rate THIS day is going, you might see me seven MORE times by then!". We both got a chuckle from that.

After 10pm here now, haven't had to make another trip out...