May 19th, 2011

fawlty car abuse

Another one of THOSE days!

I've had nothing but interruptions the past couple of hours! First, I was awakened early by the phone ringing. Damn telemarketer playing a recorded message saying "We're sorry, we can't talk right now. Hold on for the next available agent." Needless to say, I hung up.

Next, an apparent wrong number from a "Mary Smith". I picked up the phone, said Hello, some female voice said "Sorry", and hung up.

Then, a few minutes ago, a knock at the door. Someone looking for my mother from home health care. Pointed her next door. Somehow they got the address wrong.

Any MORE interruptions?!? I'm waiting!!!.... NOT!!!

In other news, sparklegrrl made a post yesterday about looking back in your journal to see what you were doing on the day in the past. My results for today over the years:

May 19, 2001: Apparently I was looking at old photos and taking odd quizzes.
May 19, 2002: I was deleting harmless "Java" files and showing off a new mouse pad.
May 19, 2003: I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have to have a frontal lobotomy...
May 19, 2004: I was buying and watching DVDs.
May 19, 2006: Refurbing shelves for one of the Wal-Mart remodels, getting ready for two days off.
May 19, 2007: Posted a summary about Andrew and I's visit from kitykity.
May 19, 2008: Andrew and I were maxing out the internet connection.
May 19, 2009: I was off work, yet still had a lot to do that day.
May 19, 2010: Went for my twice-yearly blood pressure checkup. STILL haven't taken up walking or exercise...