May 8th, 2011


Must be gettin' old or something...

Not sure what my problem was yesterday evening. Started feeling extremely groggy about 5pm, ended up going to bed a little after 6pm, didn't get out of bed this morning till 8:30am. You'd think, with all the coffee I drink, I could stay awake for weeks at a time!

Anyway, another typical Sunday here (unless I get a call from someone offering me work)... washing a couple loads of laundry, listening to "No Agenda" online at 11:00am central, then switching to the online "TWiT Network" at 1:00pm to watch Leo Laporte broadcast the "Tech Guy" radio show, followed by "This Week in Tech". After that, I'll probably watch "Hee Haw" at 7pm central on RFD-TV.

Dishes really need washing, but think I'll put them off till tomorrow morning. Since the boy dirties over 90% of them, I should make HIM wash them! Also need to find time tomorrow to give my hair a trim... gettin' a might shaggy in the back.