April 20th, 2011


Oh, so it's gunna be one of THOSE days...

Always nice to wake up in the morning, and find out your Yahoo account was possibly "compromised" and you have to reset your password. In ALL the years I have been online, this has never occurred before! Noticed when Trillian said it couldn't connect to Yahoo because of an invalid password. Tried again, no luck. Went to Yahoo Mail, IT said invalid password, then took me to a log-in screen with a captcha. Tried logging in with that. It then took me to a screen saying my account might have been compromised. Find it rather difficult to believe, since my old password was 20 characters long, using both alphabet and numbers. Anywho, changed it to a new password using letters, numbers, AND random characters! So now, my new password is "*********".

In an update to the post yesterday where I mentioned moms cats vet appointment, well we have to take him back between 7:30-8:00am tomorrow morning. He put up a huge fight with the lady vet and her assistant, they couldn't get rid of the hair mats, or look closely at his eye or inside his mouth as a result. So, tomorrow, they are going to "knock him out" to get everything done. He's to not eat or drink anything after 10pm tonight, and he won't be ready to come home they said until tomorrow afternoon. For a 14 year old pussy, he's still got a lot of "spunk"!