March 28th, 2011


Well, THAT was "helpful"...

Don't you just hate calling your ISP when you are having issues, then by the time you get off the phone, you are no more aware of what caused the problem than BEFORE you called?

Since switching DSL providers recently, I've had issues of video streams buffering more regularly, "Server not found" errors for websites a few times a day, IRC chat locking up for about 3 minutes a few times a day, then fastly scrolling up about 100 lines all of a sudden (no one else in chat is having issues), and radio station streams having to be restarted every 10 minutes or so. Usually a modem restart solves the issue for a few hours. AT&T didn't have those issues NEAR as often, so I attributed the problems on something at the ISP end.

The tech, however, said it was hard to diagnose the problem, since I had recently restarted the modem this morning. He attributed it to most likely a bad filter somewhere in the house. Told him I'd experiment with the filters, but I thought it was a weird "coincidence" a filter would start going iffy RIGHT after the ISP change.

Also, he initially asked if I had their 1.5Mbps plan, AFTER looking up my info on the computer. I said, no, I was supposed to have the 6Mbps plan, and the latest online speed test reflected that. He then said I was correct, he was looking at the wrong place, or something like that. Heck, 1.5 wouldn't even BEGIN to handle the stuff my son and I do online! If only 1.5 were available here, might as well do without!

Guess I'll mess around with the filters, and call them back if the problem continues...

Update on previous post

Think I discovered the problem with the internet, wasn't a filter... was the splitter I was using in here by the computer to run a telephone wire to the living room after the IDIOTS mom hired to remove the insulation under the house a few months ago CUT the phone wire under the house that went DIRECTLY to the living room.

If she had hired professionals, that wouldn't have happened... but it was random people running "jack of all trades" ad in the newspaper classifieds. I'll have to PAY to get the phone line directly connected to the living room again, and can't afford that now! I did have a long phone cord dangling overhead to the living room from the phone splitter before this... now, if I'm in the living room, I'll have to hope the wireless handset doesn't go dead... and also hope Dish doesn't shut off my receiver for not being connected to a phone line!

Off topic, the son actually watched a whole movie I like this evening... I got nostalgic, pulled out my "Porky's" DVD, he thought it was hilarious, he almost fell off the couch laughing when Beulah was in the principals office describing what she saw in the hole in the girls shower room...

Place has been closed for AGES, but OH the memories!

I remember as a kid, parents taking me there for a toy racetrack I had at the time, to buy a couple of more vehicles to run on it back in the 70's, before my teens... it was a neat place... no other "major" places to buy toys in this area at the time... now the old building is "up in flames". Even though it's been closed for a couple of decades, it was a Monroe landmark. Monroe fire chief thinks it had to be deliberately set. Hope they catch the asshat that did it!

View from the West Monroe side of the Ouachita River...

A memory of Howard Griffin Land 'O Toys"...