March 14th, 2011


Pardon my language, but FUCK AT&T!

I've been with AT&T (formerly BellSouth) since first going online in 1999, first with dial-up, then moving to DSL once it became available in 2002. I've put up with them all this time, even with how much crappier service got after AT&T took over from BellSouth.

Well, before May 2nd, I'll be getting a new internet service provider, AND a new phone provider! AT&T has thoroughly PISSED me off now. Their internet will be useless in this household as of the May 2nd date, because they are going to start imposing 150GB/month caps on all DSL users! With the amount of streaming video (like the TWiT network) I watch, the amount of online radio I listen to, and the amount my son games online, that 150GB would most likely be used in ONE WEEK!

As for phone service, IF I can get stand-alone DSL from the new ISP I'm looking at, I'm going to finally break down and buy a cheap, pre-paid cellphone from anyone who is NOT AT&T, and drop AT&T's POTS service! I know I've ranted endlessly about cellphones over the years, but AT&T isn't giving me much of a choice now! They have pushed me over the edge! Wouldn't need to purchase many minutes for the phone each month, since I rarely talk on the phone now as it is... overpaying for my phone service already because of that fact. I probably talk a total of less than three hours a month on the phone to anyone.

AT&T will now be on my boycott list, along with Wal-Mart, RCA, Yamaha, and Panasonic. Already been going to websites I get emails from, deleting the "BellSouth" email address, and replacing it with my Yahoo address, in preparation for the ISP move...
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Weird Email...

Just got a strange email from a "" domain, with a Monroe cell phone number(according to an attempted reverse lookup) attached to it. All it said was, "Send me something back if you get this please".

Whoever sent it, sorry. As with "Unknown Caller" calls I get, I don't answer emails from "Unknown Senders"...