March 11th, 2011

smile, Andrew

In the unlikely event...

Told my son, in the unlikely event he starts feeling the house shake with the magnitude that might be equivalent to the earthquake seen in the videos shot in Japan, not to worry about his "stuff", just run outside! Stuff can be replaced, WE can't be replaced! This house would collapse in a few seconds under even a LESS powerfull quake!

The old house provides adequate shelter from weather, but it's not the sturdiest structure in the world by NO means!

I'd NEVER be THAT loyal...

In this video from the Japan earthquake, you see store employees trying to hold shelves up. I'm sorry, but if I worked at a grocery store, the merchandise would have to fend for itself... I'll go back into the store once it was pronounced structurally sound, and clean up any mess after the quake!