February 8th, 2011


I Remember the 70's...

Just finished watching part one of a three part series on PBS produced by the BBC called "Electric Dreams". The 13 year old family member had never seen a vinyl record before, but thought it was neat to actually have something "physical" to hold for a music purchase, unlike downloads. The family home was outfitted with strictly 1970's technology, meaning no microwaves, no cellphones, no computers... and each day was a new year in the decade, with new gadgets brought in.

Now me... I could probably spend 10 days with 1970's stuff, because I remember the decade well, didn't even have a color TV in the house until 1975. The boy however, he'd probably implode after a day without his games and satellite TV. In the 70's, a "mix tape", recording songs onto a blank cassette was a new concept... even though I was doing that well into the early 1990's, before recordable CD's were affordable.

After 10 days however, I'd be WAY behind catching up on emails, posting to this journal, etc. The TV thing still wouldn't bother me much probably... if nothing was on worth watching, I'd just read a book.
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Brainwashed Shoppers...Get A Clue!

After I was let go from my Wal-Mart job in the dairy section from not coming to work when I had the flu, my mother JUST NOW had her prescriptions transferred to Walgreens from the Wal-Mart pharmacy, since she knew I refused to set foot in a Wal-Mart after my wrongful termination, and she would need her medicine when refills came up, if she were unable to get them herself. Yet she still prefers to do her grocery shopping there, because she thinks they are cheaper.

Well, in the dairy section alone, when one price on something was lowered, some other product price was raised, thus cancelling out any perceived "discount". I've been shopping for groceries at a regional chain "Brookshire's", and have been coming out just as good as I would at the big so-called "discounter".

Wal-Mart has people brain-washed through advertising that they are cheaper than anyone else. It ain't true! If I lose any followers with this post, so be it, I'm speaking the truth, as I was once a Wally World "insider".

Wal-Mart supports the spread of infectious disease by making their employees come to work deathly ill or lose their job!