February 7th, 2011


What game?

As everyone else in the world was posting yesterday about football, I was watching a line up on TV of "60 Minutes", which featured an hour interview with John Gotti's son, then two movies on Turner Classic Movies, "Sunrise" and "Wings", the first two Oscar winning films. Always liked "Sunrise", first time watching "Wings"... may need to add that one to my collection eventually, IF they ever release it on home video!

Not being a sports fan, I NEVER watch sports on TV... period. All teams look alike to me, and I'd never be able to explain the rules of football, baseball, basketball, etc., to anyone if my life depended on it! Also, it pisses me off to no end if I'm getting ready to watch a regularly scheduled show on TV, and it is either delayed or cancelled due to a freggin' game running overtime! If those games can't end as scheduled, cut 'em off and put the regularly scheduled show on! If people are such big fans to want to see a whole game, make 'em go to where the game is played, put them on channels that ONLY show sports, or set up a special "pay-per-view" channel for them! That's another thing, I read that channels like ESPN make up a lot of the cost I pay Dish each month, because the programmers MAKE Dish include them in packages... meaning I'm paying probably $10 a month for shit I'll never watch! There should be packages strictly with non-sports fans in mind!

Geesh... never fails... I start posting just to explain why no one ever sees me mention sports in any of my posts... and the post turns into a long-winded rant... guess I can't help myself!