December 8th, 2010


Hump Day Updates

Decided to post a few updates, since the internet is back up. The DSL AND the telephone stopped working for nearly 15 minutes just now. The pinheads at ATT must have someone digging around in the box up the road again. That is usually when things fark up.

Took Eastwood for his yearly veterinarian exam this morning. Everything checked out well, except he's nearly four pounds heavier than he was last year. Last year he was 16.6 lbs, today he was 20.4 lbs. Need to cut down on his food a bit. Maybe less treats also. He's about as bad as I am... between my six month exams for my blood pressure lately, I gained another 30 lbs. The cat and I are turning into a couple of lumps.

Andrew retained his composure well after an incident at the school the other day. Another kid threw a dead bird on Andrew's jacket. Andrew said he felt like hitting the kid, but he did the correct thing this time and went to the principal. Washed the jacket in case the bird had mites or something else along those lines.

Mom had to buy a new toaster. The knob on the lever broke off on her old one, and the lever would no longer stay down. At least toasters are dirt cheap nowdays!

There was a prediction for light snow last night, but no accumulation, since temperatures were too high, but no one here saw any snow.

Have you ever noticed you never seem to get "humped" on Hump Day?