November 30th, 2010

fawlty car abuse


Just a few months after the warranty expired on my Yamaha surround sound system, it decides to bite the big one! Radio works, but can't get ANY sound whatsoever from any of the inputs... HDMI or Optical. Picture passes through just fine, but not a shred of audio. Plugged my sources directly into the TV, to make sure it wasn't a cable issue, and audio played fine through the TV speakers... so, it HAS to be an issue with the Yamaha receiver. Spent nearly 4 hours fooling around with the thing to make it work, to no avail.

Found a nice looking Denon receiver on Best Buy's website, with 4 HDMI inputs, 120 watts per channel. Don't need speakers, being my existing ones are still functional. Thinking of paying Best Buy a visit in the next couple of hours or so, and maybe this time investing in an extended warranty.

As is my usual policy, when something doesn't last as long as I think it should, I never buy anything made by that company again. Yamaha is now on my "shit list", along with RCA and Panasonic.