November 9th, 2010


Lots of Tuesday Randomness Again...

The past three days, my head has felt like it's in a plastic bag. Nose and ears stuffy... eyes watering to the point it looks as if I've been crying... sneezing like a maniac... but I'm trying to hold out seeing a doctor until next Tuesdays 6-month blood pressure checkup appointment at the clinic, so I can "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak.

Yesterday was a fairly "busy" day here at the house. My uncle came by to see if he could determine what has been causing the recurring leaks in the kitchen ceiling, since three roofers so far have been wrong. Unlike the roofers, he climbed up in the attic through the vent outside the house and looked around. He wasn't sure of the cause after his examination either, but when he went on the roof, he noticed some shingles that weren't properly adheared down, so he fixed those. Won't know till after the next good rain(possibly Saturday according to the forecast) if that solved the problem or not.

A friend that hasn't visited in quite some time came by for a while yesterday evening. Friends don't visit like they used to since the boy has been here, mainly because he'll come into the room and try to hog the conversation. The boy doesn't know the meaning of the word "privacy", even though I asked him once, "I don't come in your room and interrupt you and your friends conversations, do I?" With the friend stopping by, gave me a chance to clear off some DVD shelf space. Because of newer purchases, I was getting some "duplication" in titles, so I gave a stack of the duplicates to him. First two seasons of "I Love Lucy"(bought the entire series set about a year ago, didn't need two copies of those seasons), 10 discs of 2-episodes each of the original "Star Trek" I had ordered from Columbia House years ago (have the entire series on Blu-ray now), the Steve Martin movie "The Jerk"(full screen version... got an anamorphic widescreen version in a 3-movie Steve Martin set), "The Wizard of Oz" and "Dr. Strangelove(have those on Blu now also), and that second copy of "A Mighty Wind" that I accidently bought at "Big Lots" a few months ago, that I forgot I already had bought one there earlier, and it was in my "unwatched DVD pile".

Yesterday afternoon, that mysterious neighbor mentioned in this post from August 24th knocked on my front door, holding a drink pitcher, and asked if I had any ice. At the time, I didn't have any to spare (was down to two trays and hadn't refilled the others), so I told her no. Close up, she looks like she might be on something illicite... kinda skinny, and lots of wrinkles for someone that has to be under 40, judging from how young those kids are. Also, she had a weird giggle going on the whole time she was talking, which might also possibly suggest something out of the ordinary. Apparently, if she was totally out of ice, she's more laxed than I am about keeping it stored.

Andrew actually left his gaming long enough Sunday morning to cook himself some sausage and eggs...