November 2nd, 2010

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Rand Paul... Kentucky... REALLY?!? The state has just confirmed to me they are the biggest bunch of asshats in the country! I'm sure Louisiana will follow with the Vitter doofus, but DAMN! Seems people WANT the country to quickly go into the dumper!
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This country would have been better off remaining a British colony, if the Republican/Teabaggers win, it proves the masses are brainwashed by the elite, both Republicans & Democrats do whatever their highest contributers want them to do, not what the people that ELECTED them want... last few presidential elections, I voted for the independents... for REAL change... Republicans and Democrats are mostly for the same thing, money from the rich and corporate elites. Sometimes though, one doesn't have a real choice though, so one picks the lesser of two evils.

/back to my next drink...
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