October 8th, 2010


Gettin' Old

Tomorrow night, a friend I haven't seen in some time will be back in town, participating in an annual event at "Enoch's Pub" in Monroe, the 31st annual John Lennon birthday event. I was invited last year, but had to work, so didn't go. Think I'll be giving it a pass this year also, even though I'd like to see the old friend, who moved out of the area in the 90's when he closed his record shop. Two main reasons I'll probably skip it this year also... 1) Hate attending things like that by myself, and 2) It doesn't start until 9pm, and the last several months, I've been doing good to even stay awake until 9pm most nights!

In my younger years, I could stay awake most of the evening, but it seems the older I get, the earlier I need to hit the hay. My mom is rarely up past 8pm herself most nights, so I must be catching up with her! Course, it might be the blood pressure meds the doctor has me on also, making me sleepy so early. Two of the three meds I'm taking have "drowsiness and dizziness" warning labels on them. When I told mom about the event, she said she thought it might do me good to "get out" and go to something like that, but it won't do me good if I fall asleep behind the wheel coming home!