September 30th, 2010


No major plans

Not making any major plans today, gotta take mom for her twice yearly eye exam this afternoon. They usually dilate her eyes, so she needs someone else to drive.
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Comcrap? Don't think so...

Keep getting mailings from Comcast trying to sell their internet service. In every mailing, they never mention the 250GB/month bandwidth cap they have. That is just one of the reasons I'd never have them as an ISP. I've had sour experiences in the past with cable companies in general, like back when it was Time Warner, had cable TV for a while, dropped it, they kept billing months after I returned their box and canceled, no matter how many times I complained to the local office, later sending me to a collection agency for money I didn't owe. Finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and Time Warner backed off. Ever since then, I lump all cable companies in the same category... big dishonest ripoffs!

Yet another reason I hate Comcrap, they bought one of my favorite TV networks, TechTV, merged it with the craptastic G4 channel, and gutted all the good shows.

Comcrap... It's Craptastic!