July 19th, 2010



The trip to Avery Island that mom was going to take the boy on starting today has been postponed. She has been experiencing a bit of fever and stomach area pains since Friday, and has gone to see her doctor this morning.

UPDATE: The stomach area pains are the result of moms diverticulitis acting up again it seems. During her hospital stay with it a few months ago, the doctors didn't give her a definitive list of things she could or could not eat, so all along she was eating things on the "could not eat" list. Today, her doctor gave her a list to go by, and prescribed some antibiotics, telling her if she wasn't better in a couple of days, to come back. Andrew may have to wait another week or so for his trip as a result.

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity!

Sitting here in the recliner, stripped to a pair of athletic shorts, fan pointed directly at me, air cranked up, and STILL on the verge of sweating... even though it's only 88F outside. There was a brief rain earlier, then the sun came out, driving the humidity up to an ungodly level... think THAT might be the reason!

But, that's Louisiana summers for ya!