June 28th, 2010


Why not just tear down and start over?

Just returned home from my bi-weekly shopping trip to "Brookshire's" grocery. The remodeling, which has been slowly going on for about two months now, is still going on. Apart from the bare concrete floor (tiles were ripped up last month), and a bare ceiling (ceiling tiles were removed last month), now they have practically ripped off the front facade of the store, made a temporary entrance/exit a few feet down from where the old ones were, and today they were jackhammering up the front sidewalk. They have a big banner up with a drawing of what the front of the store is supposed to look like once the remodel is complete, with "Remodeling to serve you better" and "Open during remodel" written on it. Even the store employees were complaining about the jackhammers, especially the lady cashier, who said she wished they had closed the store until the job was completed.

I kind of agree with the cashier. Besides, the way they are "gutting" the building, seems like it would have been cheaper to bulldoze the place and start from scratch. I might drive to the "Brookshire's" in the neighboring city next time I need groceries, if I drive by and see construction work still happening at the West Monroe store...