June 5th, 2010


Mozilla's Losin' Me...

The new version of Mozilla's Thunderbird email program is buggy as hell. Newsgroups don't sync correctly, hate the new folder hierarchy, and when I delete some emails, I get a blank line in the message list dated "12/31/1969", that can't be deleted until you close and reopen the entire program. I've tried going into the program folder and deleting the ".msf" files, as suggested in the Mozilla forums (others are having these problems also), but that does no good whatsoever.

As a result, I finally just said "Screw it!", and, for the first time in YEARS, I've went back to the Windows default email program, Live Mail. No problems with it... so far anyway. I just hope Mozilla doesn't screw up Firefox like they have Thunderbird. If they do, I'll just dump anything "Mozilla" completely!