May 25th, 2010


Back home

Back home after applying for a maintenence job with the city of West Monroe, going grocery shopping, and filling the truck with gas. Passing by the deli section at Brookshires, the odor of the food reminded me I hadn't eaten anything yet today, so I bought 8 pieces of their fried chicken, with some cole slaw and mustard potato salad to take home with me. I must admit, the Brookshires Deli chicken is some mighty good eatin'! Got eight BIG pieces of chicken for only $6.99. Their chicken is worlds better than the dried-out crapola Wal-Mart was selling in their deli. Only finished two of the pieces, and half of the cole slaw and potato salad, and I'm full to the brim! I'll have more for later... cold chicken is just as good as hot chicken in my opinion.

Also picked up some Powerball lottery tickets for tomorrow nights drawing... because, one never knows...