May 14th, 2010

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Another Big Lie

Well, my mom and I have caught Andrew in another BIG lie. He said the principal at the school he attends said that the particular school would be out for the season on May 10. We mistakenly took his word for it. This morning, I get a call from the school. He has been counted as "absent" all week. Guess when he claimed he was out of school until the next school year, I should have called the school to confirm it, instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. From now on, I will, since I can no longer believe anything he says.

He is now in another of his pouty, angry moods, the kind he always gets into when he is caught in a lie. He tried to claim he wasn't lying, and that the principal had said school would be out for the year, but the school official I talked to this morning on the phone said nothing like that was announced... so I will trust the school official over the boy. He has a doctor appointment Monday, so I told the official he will be back in school this coming Tuesday.

As for punishment... he won't be taking the drivers education class he wanted to take this summer... no new video games, he'll have to make due with his old ones for the forseeable future... and no going to his "girlfriends" house, she'll have to come here IF she wants to see him. If she doesn't want to visit him here, she doesn't care much about him anyway.

The route he is taking.. and I've said this before... he's going to wind up like his sorry Uncle Scott, who is currently serving a 60 year stint in Angola Prison. I just see too many parallels in the behavior, and both my mom and I have done everything we possibly can for the boy.