April 17th, 2010



Uncle Barrett came by yesterday with the new back door for the kitchen. Turns out, he had to take it back home with him to trim about 3/4" of an inch off the side... door was a bit too wide for the opening. The old door had originally been trimmed to fit the opening, which is slightly a "non-standard" size. He will either be back later today, or Monday, to try to fit the door again. In the meantime, the old door is back in place.

Seems like anytime repairs have to be done on this house, something not quite right about the original construction is found! It's like I'm living in "the old Haney place" on "Green Acres"!
fawlty car abuse


A couple of days ago, Andrew somehow bumped the screen of his laptop on something, rendering the display unusable. Luckily, when I bought the laptop, I bought a warranty that covers accidents. Brought it in to Best Buy this afternoon, he should have it back in 2-3 weeks. He's a bit mad at the moment however. He thought he'd be able to watch YouTube videos on his PS3 in the meantime, but apparently the last Sony update made it to where YouTube/Flash doesn't work properly.

Maybe this experience will teach him to be more careful with the laptop when he gets it back.