April 8th, 2010


One room down, one to go...

The guys from "Strange Wholesale Carpet & Vinyl" came out this morning. They have completed the kitchen, will come back in the morning to put linoleum in the bedroom. Kitchen is still in disarray however, because a lot of the stuff that was in the bedroom is temporarily being stored in there. Also, more stuff from the bedroom, they placed in the "computer room", and as a result, I can't even GET to the desktop... literally! The room is packed tighter than a can of sardines! So, if that computer crashes, there will be no updates to the kitchen and bedroom webcams. I'm currently in the livingroom with the laptop (glad I finally broke down and bought one!).

After all the flooring is finished and set, I can start moving crap back to its original location, and will be able to get to the desktop once again, which, by my estimate, will be a little after noon tomorrow (hopefully).

The stress sabatoa said he got just from looking at some earlier construction pics I posted is starting to get to ME now... just glad it's about over!