April 7th, 2010


They just don't give up, do they?

Woke up this morning to an email message from a Facebook friend, asking had I started a new account page, because she got a Friend Request with my name on it. I sent her a reply, stating that, no, I hadn't started a new page.

Further down in my emails, there was a Friend Request from "Albert Sims" on Facebook. Clicked the profile link, it was a sparsely filled out page and a picture of me sitting in front of the computer, taken from the webcam, as the profile picture. Also, some of my Facebook friends had already approved that person.

I immediately reported that profile to Facebook abuse, letting them know it was someone pretending to be me. I then sent messages to ALL my Facebook friends, letting them know that I haven't started a new profile page, and to ignore any friend requests from me that doesn't link to the page I sent the message from. Last I checked, the fake profile no longer existed.

In other news, the DSL is still working this morning, but the phone is still deader than a hammer, no dial tone, just a low hum, yet the display on all the phones in the house says "Line in Use". Monday morning, I was given a timeline for repair by 4pm today. Waiting around the house in case ATT shows up. Bad day to be repairing phones... looks like some serious rain on its way. I NEVER had this much trouble with the phone and internet until AFTER AT&T took over BellSouth. I really miss BellSouth...
vegan gotcha

Phone/Internet Update

"Mr. AT&T" (can't remember his real name) arrived about 10am this morning to fix the phone and internet connections. He first went to the phone box on the side of the house, hooked a meter up to various wires, and came to the conclusion that there was major power loss for the phone line, and the problem wasn't inside the house.

He then said he'd be gone about an hour. After he pulled out of the driveway, he went to the pole that our phone line to the house was attached to the main line. He climbed up a tall ladder, did something that took about 25 minutes... put the ladder back on the truck... and drove up the road... where the phone company has a large "box". He was there over two hours. After that, he climbed the pole across the street that the line to moms house next door comes in from. He ran a line from it to the pole next to my driveway. After about another half hour or so, the phone rang (good sign), and said he thinks he's fixed the problem. So, on the original pole, I'm thinking he was disconnecting THAT wire. Weird thing though, just a few months ago, when I was having internet connectivity problems, the ENTIRE wire to the house was replaced! I really don't care how many times they replace the wire from the main line to the house though, since I'm not responsible for anything outside the house, financial wise... and he never entered the house. Phone and internet problems come with the territory I guess... "territory" means living in a semi-rural area.

Interesting thing though, while I was out talking to him while he had that meter hooked to the wires on the outside box, I told him I thought that when BellSouth was in charge, service was better. He actually agreed, saying he was working for BellSouth before the AT&T buyout. He also said that after the AT&T takeover, they got rid of a lot of technicians, and told the remaining technicians they had to spend LESS time with each service call. Finally, he honestly came out and told me he thinks AT&T isn't a "customer oriented" company. I agreed with him on that! Brave statement though from someone wearing an AT&T uniform, and driving an AT&T truck!

So far, phone and internet have been working smoothly. No more crackling on the phone, no dropouts on the DSL (fingers crossed).

In other news, the next two days are going to be hectic around here also. Local flooring company "Strange Wholesale" will be here putting in linoleum and molding in the back of the house, which was leveled up last week (in case you missed the posts), and the floors were totally removed and replaced.