March 18th, 2010


My decision is FINAL...

I just can't deal with the shit Andrew is putting me through much longer... he's going to give me a heart attack or stroke! I'm informing him when he gets home that he BETTER have some other living arrangements as of the moment he turns 18 (in about a year and a half)... because he is NOT living here!
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In other news...

Mom finally expressed a big interest in getting back online again(after going offline a few years back when the old PC I gave her gave up the ghost), so, first thing I did, I took the laptop I bought recently next door to her trailer to see if the signal from the new router would reach there. It did, but only registered 2-3 out of 5 bars in signal strength... enough for what she would want to do online. The only place the signal died completely was the back bedroom, but she stays mainly in the kitchen/living room area, and the front bedroom, so all is good, and she won't have to spend extra for internet access, unless she decides later on she wants faster speed, although, with the low signal strength, pages still load a lot faster than they did back when she had the old computer and dial-up.

So, I go to "Best Buy", and get her an identical laptop to mine, so I would know the signal would work. I spend a couple of hours setting things up for her, getting rid of the "Norton" trialware, putting on "Microsoft Security Essentials" in its place, downloading Windows Updates, and downloading Firefox, then unpinning the Internet Exploder icon from the taskbar. Also put some bookmarks on the Bookmark Toolbar that she expressed interest in, like As a lark, I also bookmarked Bookmarked Gmail and Yahoo Mail also, in case she wants to make an email account or two. Didn't bother making the "restore disc" set, since her computer is identical to mine, and the set I made for mine will work with hers. If I want, I can just make an extra copy of mine later. As of now, she hasn't used it any, letting it charge overnight, but I showed her some of the basics of using it, and using the laptop "mousepad", since the last mouse she used was on a desktop.

While out, I bought a 5-output ethernet switcher, to hook to the ethernet cable running to the living room here at the house. Have two internet content devices in there now, an older PC hooked to the TV, and the Blu-ray player. Got tired of always having to switch the cable back and forth, so now, THAT problem is solved!