March 4th, 2010


Thursday Rumblings

Still no news on the job front. I've been re-applying at all the places I've already applied at. Maybe if they see my name over and over, they'll get tired of it and just hire me... or maybe not...

Got my federal tax refund Monday. Gave mom the bulk of it, since she's been a BIG help since I've been out of work. With the rest, I bought Andrew a new surround sound system for his room, since the older, cheap RCA was buzzing like it was full of bees. Also bought a second Blu-ray player, because as much as I use those machines, you never know when the first one might malfunction. The newer one has some streaming services built in. Bought a new router, because the older one, bought in 2006, was getting to the point it would drop connection two or three times a day, and would have to be rebooted. Lastly, to be a bit more "portable" around the house, finally "invested" in a laptop computer for myself. Didn't go too fancy though, just bought one similar to the one I bought Andrew back in December. Still need to get a new camera though... the old Kodak 2.2MP I bought in 2000 is severely antiquated!

Not much else new to report.