February 7th, 2010


Bandwidth Hog

Even though I've heard no complaints, I imagine my ISP hates me. This household is probably using more bandwidth at the moment than the rest of the houses on this road combined! Pushing my 6Mbps connection to its limits... surprised there hasn't been a "meltdown" yet. List of things running that I'm aware of...

1. Leo Laporte's video stream at http://live.twit.tv/
2. KFI's radio station player at http://kfi640.com/
3. Trillian Astra instant messenger
4. Firefox browser
5. Thunderbird email client
6. Justin.tv streaming applet
7. 5 webcams uploading a still image every 20 seconds
8. Desktop capture software uploading an image every 30 seconds
9. The son is using one of his 2 game systems online
10. He probably has something running on his laptop also
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Who freggin' cares about a stupid ball game?!? Getting tired of hearing about it! Hope the Louisiana team loses, so the local TV news (talking to YOU KNOE) will get back to reporting REAL local news, not spending the first 10 minutes of the newscast talking about sports... which AIN'T NEWS!!! That sh*t belongs in the final 10 minutes of the newscast, not the FIRST 10 minutes!

Same rule applies to the local high school teams... keep the games OFF the local classic rock stations (talking to YOU LA105FM)... if the station wants to air freggin' sports, change your format to an all-sports format! If someone locally wants to see the local high school team... let them GO to the darn game! Besides, sports drain too much money from the schools... money that should be used for EDUCATION! If high school kids want to play sports, let the parents pony up the money as an after-school activity!

/rant over