January 30th, 2010

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Uncle update

Just got a call from mom. She got a call from Uncle Barrett earlier, saying Uncle Bill passed away between 5:30-6:00am this morning. No more details available at the moment.
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About three years ago, I bought a low-end, off brand VCR/DVD recorder combo unit at Wal-Mart for $88. Rarely used it all this time for anything much, since most movies I had on VHS, I've re-purchased on DVD already. Matter of fact, I had to drag out the booklet that came with it just now, to refresh myself about the settings. I put a blank DVD-R in the DVD side, and a VHS of a family get-together from 1992 in the VHS side.

The tape has Uncle Bill featured rather promitely throughout the happenings, the reason I'm attempting to transfer it to DVD. If the dubbing works, I should have a decent master DVD to copy for any relatives that might want a copy. The PC has two DVD drives, so copying would be rather easy. I just wish I could make a dub from the ORIGINAL tape recorded from the camcorder, instead of the VHS copy, because it would look a lot better, but I no longer have a 8mm format machine (ex sold it for some reason she never gave a reason for back in 1995), and you can't find them in stores anymore.

Back in 2006, I uploaded a couple of excerpts from the tape to YouTube...

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More Bad News...

Just found out that my Aunt Mary, my Uncle Floyd's wife, is in the hospital, in intensive care, on a respirator. They aren't allowing anyone to visit her, but mom has went to the hospital to visit with Uncle Floyd for a while. Guess I wasn't keeping up with Uncle Floyd and Aunt Mary as closely as I should have the last few years, being I didn't know she had gotten THAT ill, but the lack of communication can be blamed on Aunt Mary's daughter (from a previous marriage). She lives in the house with them, so I avoided that "area" at all costs. For those who missed the fireworks of the July 3, 2006 post, and the reason I wasn't in contact much... most of the reason is in THIS POST, in the reply to the comments.