January 16th, 2010


Rainy Saturday

It's been a soggy weekend so far. I had to go out in this mess however... the food situation was getting a bit desperate. Went to "Brookshire's" this morning, stocked up on groceries for the week, spent around $156.00 total.

Mom is going out later, she needs a haircut, so since Andrew gets his hair cut at the same place, she's taking him with her, so he can get his cut also. He'll be out of school till Tuesday, because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

I got home just in time to get the food put away, get out of my damp clothes (I forgot my umbrella), and catch the start of Leo Laporte's "The Tech Guy" radio show, which started at 1:00pm central. Internet seems a bit sluggish here this afternoon however. The video stream of his show is "sputtering" more than usual.

Ran into Camille Hathaway at the grocery store, the eccentric old lady I used to see around Wal-Mart regularly, handing out pens, notepads, and small candy bars to people. She asked why I hadn't been in Wal-Mart recently, so I explained the whole sorted mess to her. She seemed a bit pissed with Wal-Mart after that, saying she was going to complain to management there, although all that might accomplish would be to get her banned from the store.

Came home to another "obvious" troll in the chat on my website. Someone named "insect"... at a suspicious domain "into.a.scenepit.com"... Google search listed it as a domain that expired in 2007. The person only had said "hey", but I kicked 'em anyway, just because of the odd domain. If anyone I know comes into the chat, they usually use a username I recognise.

After Leo Laporte is finished, I'll probably migrate to the living room, watch some DVDs. Gonna take things lazy the rest of the day if I can!
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Damn Trolls...

The trolls invaded my website chat room again this evening, ironically after I mentioned trolls in an earlier journal post TODAY. Except this time, since the children without adult supervision are aware of my website and journal, invaded the channel on Justin.tv I was watching tonight, under the name "kelli_sims". I spotted that a mile away, so told the mods in the channel I was in, since them, and the channel owner, know me by now. The channel owner threatened to ban if they kept up the snarky remarks, then the person left. Also, I sent an abuse report to Jtv, explaining the person was acting like someone they aren't.

Damn hard trying to keep a "public" website up, and weeding out trolls at the same time! Anyone else have these problems?

UPDATE: Decided to "password" the chat room on my website, as suggested by a friend in Leo Laporte's chat room. Only people I know will get the password. If anyone wants the password, send an email to request it. If I don't recognise you, you will NOT be emailed the password!