December 5th, 2009

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Random Update to "Random Technical Question"

Just a quick update to the random "technical" question I posted the other day. After my son got all the files off the old computer he had in his room, I proceeded with formatting the hard drive. Figured, for the heck of it, I'd try using my full retail version of Vista for the install, and just type in the product key on the sticker on the side of the old computer, to avoid installing all of HP's crapware on the restore discs. Well, it worked fine. Install continued, and Windows also validated fine. After the install, I downloaded and installed Microsoft Security Essentials and the 103 updates that have accumulated since the first Vista release, all with no problems.

Bit of a "quirk" with my webcam uploading software though. When I start "Webcam32", I get a splash screen saying something about "10 day trial", but I go to "About Webcam32" under "Help", it says it is "Registered"... which it is... or was... the company that made it dropped it from their product lineup in 2006, but has been working fine all these years. Guess I'll know more in 10 days.