November 21st, 2009

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Random Question...and other things...

Even though I'm not working, WHY did I still wake up at 6:30am on a Saturday?!?

Went to Lowe's yesterday, purchased a new mailbox and a new post (the old post was getting kinda rusty anyway). Had planned on mounting it today, but it has been sprinkling rain since I woke up.

If the rain doesn't stop, guess most of the morning/afternoon, I'll just be sitting here screwing around on the internets. Listening to "Handel on the Law" at the moment, after that, at 1pm central time, I'll probably watch Leo Laporte broadcast his "Tech Guy" radio show. If the rain continues, I'll try again on the mailbox tomorrow... no rain predicted then.

Already know what the boy has planned for the day, playing Modern Warfare 2 online with friends. He will be out of school all this week for the Thanksgiving holidays.

If anyone gets bored, wants to say "Hi", just a reminder I'm on most of the messenger programs(listed on the user info page). I'm a bit of a slow typer, and may not have anything interesting to say, but always nice to add a few more folks.