October 28th, 2009

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He can't fool me

My son keeps trying to fool my mother or me to spend money we can't afford, on frivolous things. His game this evening was his PS3 game system... the second one he has had in a three year time span. I bought an extended warranty on the newest one (he sold the older one, three months out of warranty, to a local game shop for $60, because the optical drive went out). He is trying to say it freezes up a lot because hard drive space is getting low. Below... the FACTS...

1. He talked my mom into buying him an external USB hard drive for the thing to store downloaded games.
2. He keeps trying to tell me the 22GB/74GB reading on the info screen means he only has 22GB left, which is causing the freeze-ups
3. I know, from years of PC use, it means he has 52GB left on the PS3, which would not cause a freeze.
4. He griped if I took it to Best Buy, which under the warranty, it'd be gone a couple of weeks to get sent back to Sony, he'd be without it.
5. After I argued that fact with him, he said he downloaded a 315MB demo of a game, and the first number went from 22GB to 18GB... IMPOSSIBLE!
6. He argued he wanted to replace the hard drive IN the PS3 with a larger capacity one, I told him it would void the expensive extended warranty I bought.
7. Told him, if the warranty was voided, he wouldn't get another expensive game system... he went to his room.

I'm not into gaming myself, but geesh... am I wrong? Gaming seems to be pre-occupying him too much already! Have to remind him to shower every night! Otherwise, he'll stay on that damn gaming system till time for bed! I know I'm a bit of an internet addict, but I don't let it affect my job or bathing habits!

He keeps this complaining up a week longer, I'll unhook the router, just keep this computer online!