October 5th, 2009

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Konundrum... spelling?

A friend I haven't seen "in person" in over 14 years will be appearing at a local "pub" this Friday night, he's a keyboardist/vocalist who used to own a record store I frequented often in the early 80's-early 90's(but moved out of state since then), before he moved away to bigger and better things. He will be appearing starting at 9pm Friday night at Enoch's Pubs "30th Annual John Lennon Birthday Party" with local talent Kenny Bill Stinson, on Louisville Avenue in the neighboring city of Monroe.

Regardless of my work schedule, being something like this doesn't happen very often, thinking of calling in for this Saturday, even though I won't have a "medical excuse" this time... wise excuse or not? Really want to attend that! Opinions?

If Wally World gives me "heck"... will I care? Will Dennis approve me bringing a camcorder in the place when I captured him with THIS look on his face?...My son wants to see what he missed, and he's 15... no admitance to Enoch's... these questions and more will be answered on the next episode of "Soap"...